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About Us

Shan King Estate Baptist Kindergarten is a non-profit kindergarten that was established by the Hong Kong Baptist Kindergarten Education Convention in 1986. We are located in Shan King Estate. Our kindergarten is well-appointed, with highly experienced class teachers, assistants and principal to help inspire and encourage children to build up their life long goals. It is also one of the only thirty five kindergartens which are managed by Hong Kong Baptist Kindergarten Education Convention.

Our Mission

Our school motto is ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Our staffs try their best to love and care for students, and we hope that each of them will be able to carry on their lives with the ‘love-oriented spirits. ’




Our school's learning philosophy is "Learning through Play”, “Development and Exploration" which is inspired by the child phycologist Prof. Jean Piaget who taught at University of Geneva and was an advocate of it. Besides that, our other learning philosophy is "Naturalistic Approach" and "Logical Theory" which is inspired by Prof. John Dewey who taught at Columbia University. These philosophies are the basis of our lessons.
   Our lesson curriculum includes hands on experience by exploration and interaction through class discussions. SKEBK's teachers help to guide our students to be self-motivate in learning and curious by using their 5 senses, experiments and discussion are the fundamental essence of problem solving.
   Nowadays, University of Hong Kong and many others top Universities are using the "Problem Solving Approach" to teach their students; therefore, SKEBK's trains our students to have independent learning skills whilst being curious as well, which can strengthen their learning ability to adept a future education.

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